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Travel to Crete

Posted: May 16, 2012 in applications

A new app for Windows phone 7 smarthones is coming soon!

Travel to Crete app will be a tourist guide for you who are planning a trip to the island of Crete (Greece)

If you want to learn about island’s history you can do it easily through the history hub of the application. categorized content from wikipedia for all historical periods.

A list with cretan beaches, including photos, and info about each beach…and of course map with pins to find your way

A list of places that are worth visiting, such as the island’s cities and villages, archaeological and other sites.

You can find also info about Cretan cuizine and traditional music. At music hub you can find famous Cretan songs and info about great Cretan musicians!

A smart tourist guide for Crete, just in your pocket!

some screenshots from the app on its current development phase:

Space Crash

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

space crash is available at

it’s a classic game with bubbles that crash when one bubble hits another of the same color.

Samsung bada games

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

A  list of all Samsung bada game apps that I have developed. If you own a bada smartphone you can download them from




The classic snake game that most of us have played in our old phones, now available to its touchscreen version for bada smarphones. Feed your snake avoiding to hit your tail or the screen boundaries. The snake grows up each time you eat a fruit. Can you cover the screen with the snake? Have fun!




Another classic arcade game. Hit the bricks with the ball to smash’em! As you increase your score the game becomes faster!






A funny game in which you have to pick up the olives from the olive tree as fast as you can! New olives grow up during the game..




A pacman – like game. Your little goldfish has to avoid crashing with the dangerous sharks and to pick up the shells




A tetris-like game




A funny card game with your mobile’s CPU as opponent. Includes complete how to play guide.





A platform arcade game like super mario. Shoot the enemies and collect all the keys!